Perfect K-beauty skincare picks for 2023 based on your zodiac signs!

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2022 was a year of skincare, from the rise of plant ingredients to endless Korean skincare! And 2023 we are expecting skincare to get even bigger, with new innovations in ingredients, textures and hybrids. K-beauty skincare has been on the rise and we anticipate another round of ‘simplified skincare’ basis your zodiac – from which colour dominates the month for you to which music elevates your mood, zodiac signs can dictate it all.

It is possible to live your best life according to your horoscopes, astrology experts suggest. And not to forget, these predictions have moved on from lucky days and generic signs to categorical tips for everything happening in your life. So, what does your zodiac sign say about your skincare regime? Without any further ado, a team of skin experts at Quench Botanics share zodiac predictions and best-suited skincare regime for this year.


The Fire sign that’s always brimming with enthusiasm! Aries are passionate, confident and determined. And you need something that’s as quick and fun as your ideas. Hey you Aries girls, do try the ultimate quick fix with Peel Pads for a brightened and even skin tone.


The Earth sign that enjoys serenity and stability is Taurus. For someone who likes things that bring peace and joy, skincare specials that give it all for skin is a fun match. So, its time for you to hook yourself with a good Face Mist that would plump up your skin, moisturizes and revives dull-looking, lackluster complexion! Perfectly practical, like you.


A charismatic Air sign, Gemini indulges in humour and can talk about everything there is to know. This socializing sign deserves skincare treats that bring fun to the new year! To match your gentle soul, a quick absorbing Serum would fix your skin woes. It will satisfy your appreciation for change with its skin firming ingredients like arginine, allantoin and hyaluronic acid and skin reviving properties. Enhance your glow, not just in your life but also on your skin!


This comfort-seeking Water sign is known for its unending forgiveness. Cancer needs skincare that can take on their concerns just like they take on others’. This New Year, grab Korean skin delights that sensitively deal with trouble, just like you!

Just like you, the Quench Botanics Mon Cherry Brightening Face Mist is reliable. It’s devoted to hydrating, protecting and brightening your skin, every day. This Korean skincare must-have has hyaluronic acid that plumps up the skin, moisturizes and revives a dull-looking, lackluster complexion! Perfectly practical, like you.


This Fire sign exudes warmth and thrives on creativity. Vanity and luxury call your name and all for the right reasons for your personality are larger than life. And you need to try K-beauty which shines the limelight on your skin!

To add that extra limelight on your skin, procure the goodness of an ultra-nourishing body butter without dealing with stickiness or greasiness with Quench Botanics Mon Cherry Intense Moisturizing Body Butter. It has a velvety-soft, whipped texture that instantly melts into the skin and leaves it soft, bouncy and nourished.


A witty Earth sign, Virgo enjoys quick fixes. Along with the need to feel useful, you need skincare that does that too. So this new year, cherish skin treats that work exceptionally well! All the Virgos out there, similar to your nature, a Moisturizing Gel takes its job of keeping your skin fresh, hydrated and smooth, seriously. And your daily-use moisturizer will work hard, like you, to give you dewy soft skin!


This Air sign desires to be surrounded by people and fantastic skincare products. You need to bring in the New Year with aesthetically pleasing skincare that delivers results. No need to dwell on this decision, it’s a perfect match for you!

To please your skin as we start the new year, try the Quench Botanics Birch Please Gentle Cleansing Gel Face Wash and take the first step towards spotless, healthy skin. It is a super-refreshing and non-drying gel face wash that thoroughly cleanses and gently exfoliates with its biodegradable cellulose beads.


As someone who thrives on looking cool, this Water sign is on the hunt for out-of-the-box products. Scorpio needs soulful skincare and Quench Botanics knows that. Treat yourself to skin treats that look fun and get things done, just like you! All you need is an Under Eye Cream to treat dark circles and under-eye puffiness as stubborn as you.


This loud and proud Fire sign is all hot on emotions. Just like you are obsessed with self-improvement, Quench Botanics is keen on delivering you true Korean skincare. Time for Sagittarius to turn to skin-friendly products this new year! One skincare gem that matches your ideals is the Clay Mask. It is your guide to no more dead skin, excess oil and breakouts. Get dewy soft and supple skin in a jar!


Mature and responsible, Capricorn, the dutiful Earth sign deserves skincare that takes care of your skin effortlessly. Success and results are common between you and Quench Botanics. So this new year, grab products that motivate you to look your best! Good skincare needs discipline, just like you, and a refreshing Overnight Mask will deliver as promised.


An Air sign that appreciates concepts and personal freedom. Aquarius looks for skincare that perfectly aligns with your esoteric personality. Go for our products that address all your skin concerns! One skincare tip that’s as independent as you are Treatment Patches, to get you glowing through the year!


Pisces deserve skincare that matches its fantastical personality. This Water sign can go both extremes and needs K-beauty that can do it all. So it’s no surprise that you will really enjoy using watery moisturisers which feel skin-quenching! Just like you, a Cleansing Balm is wise and removes all traces of dirt, makeup and impurities in a jiffy!

Whether you are an Aries on the hunt for smooth skin or Aquarius looking for superstar ingredients, we have you covered with the help of our celestial globe to predict your skincare future! Your skin needs some much-needed TLC, so be sure to give it the time & skin solutions from Quench Botanics it deserves!

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