Popular Social Media Influencers, the quirky ‘That Couple Though’, identify 5 social media trends that will redefine 2023…

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Social media has stormed the world and everybody who is anybody is on it. And, why not? With massive user count and conversion rates, social media platforms have become a key gateway for brands, businesses and content creators who clamber in the fast-paced social media race to reach their target audience.
We asked popular social media influencers ‘That Couple Though’ – the social media handle of the super fun couple duo from Jalandhar – Pushppal Singh Bhatia (Shampy Bhatia) and Ravneet Kaur along with their daughter Sehnoor Kaur, to give us the social media trends that will define 2023. The duo incidentally is popular for their quirky videos/Vlogs and YouTube Videos and they have created a small community of their own. Over to ‘That Couple Though’!

That Couple Though Say!

The rise in quick-format social media content consumption forces us to think deeper about short-lived ‘trends’ as compared to credible shifts we would encounter back in the day. In 2023, brands are going to try to achieve this balance of staying true to what they have to offer while subtly blending it in with social media.

1. Keeping social media, brand authentic

While there are many industries that overlap with the same products or service offered, it is interesting to notice how each of them still continue to have a unique value proposition. Whether or not this reflects on their socials is a whole different ball game, especially with agencies jumping on and off viral TikTok trends.

This brings us to an important observation of how brands are becoming clones of each other on social media. Hence, maintaining brand authenticity and reflecting that in social media communications is going to be a key factor to focus on in 2023. This will ensure each brand stays and is able to create a credible online presence for its target audience.

2. Bite-sized, easy-to-retain content on social media

While communicating, the brand may sometimes have important collaborations that need a larger attention span. Irrespective, breaking it down into interesting ways that hook the viewer continues to be a big trend in 2023.

3. A profound sense of interaction on social media

Social Media is known to create a hyped-up and glamorous outlook toward everything. It is high time both people and brands show their true selves and share inclusive content. For example, makeup or beauty brands create gender-inclusive content, or clothing brands cater to real sizes that cater to all body types. The communication in this case becomes seamless and real and the audience is able to better interact with the brand.

4. Shopping influence through social media continues to grow

The pandemic accelerated influencers, affiliate marketing and shopping opportunities through social media. Since then, this concept has grown exponentially and 2023 is expected to see an even big surge in what is popularly known as ‘Social Shopping.’ Adding further to the interesting turn of events in Social Shopping is how AI and VR, even if not completely developed have sprouted their seeds in the social media domain.

5. Influencer marketing on social media continues to rise and overlap with PR activities

With the rise in social media users and their favourite influencers, every campaign needs not just one but multiple faces to represent them.

When one thinks of it from a broad perspective, it may seem like influencer marketing has eaten up the scope of the good old PR activities. However, the human curve to meet and build connections in person has not died and never will. This is why influencer marketing and PR will continue to grow together and dominate a big chunk of social media campaign essentials in 2023.

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