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Ralph Lauren Fragrances introduces RALPH’S CLUB PARFUM, a new scent that invites you back to experience the greatest night of your life. Present at the glittering evening to introduce the parfum to the city was the charismatic Siddharth Malhotra. This fragrance takes on a new, intense expression of Ralph’s Club that combines rich, woody notes and bold, spicy facets.

Featuring natural origin ingredients luxuriously crafted to their finest quality, RALPH’S CLUB PARFUM leaves a lingering trail that follows you throughout the night. This highly concentrated fragrance was created for the true mavericks of style and those who inspire others to enjoy the fullness of life around them.

Sonam Babani

RALPH’S CLUB PARFUM was exclusively crafted by master perfumer Dominique Ropion with notes of Fresh Lavandin and a spicy infusion of Cardamom, blended with warm, woody tones of Patchouli and the extreme intensity of Vetiver.
• TOP NOTES: Mandarin Oil, Apple Accord, Cardamom Oil
• MID NOTES: Lavandin Heart 2, Clary Sage Heart 1 Oil, Geranium Absolute
• BASE NOTES: Vetiver Heart, Patchouli Oil, Cashmeran

The sleek flask is a product of years of craftsmanship, with sharp angles that are cool to the touch and striking black, matte translucent glass. The gunmetal design features a hinge cap detailed with the iconic Ralph’s Club monogram.
RALPH’S CLUB PARFUM is available at select retailers and you can get 100ml at Rs. 9,300

Vipul Juneja

In 1978, Ralph Lauren expanded his lifestyle brand to encompass the world of fragrance, launching
Lauren for women and Polo for men. For more than 40 years since Ralph Lauren Fragrances has
developed best-selling fragrances that express a distinct personality and luxury lifestyle in line with the
Ralph Lauren tradition. Today, the brand’s portfolio spans Ralph Lauren and Polo fragrances, including
Ralph Lauren Collection fragrances, Woman by Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren Romance, Ralph’s Club,
Polo Earth, Polo Blue, Polo Red, Purple Label and more.

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