TheGlitz ‘Super Woman’ Nawaz Modi Singhania: “Being a woman for me is about being the righteous warrior…”

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Indeed, she needs no introduction… Nawaz Modi Singhania is India’s finest and leading Fitness Coach and mentor, and most certainly, one of the fittest celebrities in the social circuit.

Meet TheGlitz Super Woman Nawaz Singhania whose personal life has been in the eye of the storm recently yet this dignified lady has stood strong, silent, resilient and has weathered all the hurricanes that have come her way. TheGlitz nominates the amazingly resilient Nawaz Modi Singhania as TheGlitz ‘Super Woman’. Read on as Nawaz Modi Singhania talks about what defines her as a woman and more.

Nawaz Mody Singhania

You are not just a powerhouse fitness coach, you are also an author, humanitarian, social activist and so much more. So what defines you as a woman?

I guess every woman defines herself differently. For me, it is about being the righteous warrior, being strong, doing the right thing always, standing up for the downtrodden, having a heart 2 sizes too big, being kind, fair, honest, having a balanced combination of EQ & IQ and being courageous and brave. This comes very naturally to me – it’s the way I was brought up. It is my hard-wiring. Having come from a Parsi background, of top legal heritage, having only males in the family, with the emphasis being placed on being highly educated, there could’ve been no other way for me to have turned out.

Are you a strong woman who has held her ground no matter what or a firebrand feminist? Or both? Why?

Clearly both. In addition to what I’ve said above, my young life taught me many lessons, going by the mistakes that I saw other family members make. It made me a feminist, and it made me everything that I am today. The qualities that you would observe that I embody, are all thanks to my childhood years, and to those precious souls that invested so much in bringing me up to be the human being and the soul that you now see standing before you.

Lastly, if there was a quote to define you, what would it be?

It’s hard to limit it to just one. Still, one of my many inspireres is by Parks- You must never be fearful about what you are doing, when it is the right thing.

Another is a Gujarati favorite which translated says that the truth has a certain ring to it; it rings out like a real silver coin. By contrast, a falsehood sounds false, like a fake silver coin.*

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