‘TheGlitzMegarStarMom’ Bhakti Mody, yoga instructor: “Being a mom and an entrepreneur is a constant tightrope walk.”

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Meet TheGlitzMegarStarMom Bhakti Mody, yoga teacher and super mom. Bhakti’s mom introduced yoga into her life when she was a child, however, she disliked it back then. She started out in the PR industry, and eventually, between her work and marriage, yoga happened. She has trained with Shiv Holistic Yoga to get certified as a yoga instructor and today, she’s a very popular yoga instructor. Being a mom and an entrepreneur is a constant tightrope walk, she says. But Bhakti Mody has mastered it. Read on…

Bhakti Mody

As a part of TheGlitzMegaStarMom initiative, could you tell us about the magical moments of your journey as a MegaStar Mom and what TheGlitzMega StarMom initiative means to you?

Being a mom and an entrepreneur is a constant tightrope walk … one has to make sure that you deliver the goals that your business promises and also be there for your child. Prioritizing, being organized and focusing on the important tasks to be done are my tricks to keep me going.

Pick out three of fave moments with your little ones.

All the moments with my son are special but the ones I cherish the most are:

  1. When we have dinner together and talk about our day along with his dad.
  2. When we play cards on Sundays as a family.
  3. When my son and I read a storybook together every night before he sleeps.

Tell us about three challenges and rewards of running a successful business or being an influencer while being a mother.

The 3 rewards are :

  1. I am a great role model for my son who sees a strong independent woman in me.
  2. I get to be the best version of myself.
  3. I can truly pursue my dream which is to bring yoga to people of all backgrounds and body shapes.
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