TheGlitzMegaStarMom Aashita Chadha, Co-Founder – ‘The KariGhars’: “As a mother who runs a thriving business and is an influencer, I am faced with both obstacles and rewards.”

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TheGlitzMegaStarMom Aashita Chadha is an enterprising professional, who heads the culture and strategy curation while also being the Co-Founder of interior design firm, ‘The KariGhars’. She is an exemplary working professional who has seamlessly balanced motherhood alongside her successful business career. Her experience as a mother of two, with a dedicated passion to work, learn and grow makes her a role model for other mom entrepreneurs and influencers seeking inspiration and guidance. Ask Aashita about her most magical moments as a mom and she says, “One of the most gratifying moments for me as a mother is seeing the pride in my children’s eyes as they witness my growth beyond my role as their caregiver, but also as an individual pursuing purposeful and passion-driven work.”

Aashita Chadha

As a part of TheGlitzMegaStarMom initiative, could you tell us about the magical moments of  your journey as a MegaStar Mom and what TheGlitzMega StarMom initiative means to you?
One of the most gratifying moments for me as a mother is seeing the pride in my children’s eyes as they witness my growth beyond my role as their caregiver, but also as an individual pursuing purposeful and passion-driven work. They fill me with a sense of importance as a figure who embodies optimism and has the potential to impact the lives of others positively. As a parent, it is important to me to not only reflect the maternal aspect of my identity to my children but also to consciously demonstrate the individualistic side of myself, which involves pursuing work that I am passionate about. As working mothers in varied domains, I firmly believe that we transmit the energy of commitment and dedication to our children, motivating them to find their own niche and make a positive difference in the world.
It is with great humility that I express my gratitude for the wonderful initiative by TheGlitzMedia, allowing me to share my journey of motherhood. Despite the growing acceptance of women working and pursuing professional identities, even today, the domestic sphere holds women responsible for a child’s upbringing. From juggling multiple tasks to having a robust support system to help manage them, each day is a flurry of activity. It is heartening to see these aspects of women being recognized with dignity and respect, as it reinforces the significance of their contributions to society.

Could you describe your experiences as a momfluencer/ mompreneur? Pick out three of fave moments with your li’l ones.

As a momfluencer/mompreneur, my journey has been a mix of rewarding and challenging experiences. One particular moment that stands out to me is when my children see me creating content for shoots. It is very easy to be consumer of digital content, but they are also able to notice the rigor and hard work that goes behind the scenes, opening up their perspective to the meticulous process of producing purposeful and valuable content. This instilled a sense of achievement in me, knowing that I could impart some real-world knowledge to them.
Additionally, a memorable experience was facilitating introductions between my children and various leaders and mentors I brought into our company as part of my role as the Chief Culture Officer. This served as a conduit for my children to gain insight and inspiration from successful personalities, equipping them with the necessary insights for their future endeavors.
Finally, my children and I have engaged in numerous artistic and creative activities, such as crafting, crocheting, handwork, and personalized gift-making, which have been fulfilling to share with other mothers and families, thus, creating a sense of community and togetherness. All these experiences have allowed me to seamlessly balance my professional pursuits with the joys of motherhood, cultivating memories that will last a lifetime.

Tell us about three challenges and rewards of running a successful business or being an influencer while being a mother.

As a mother who runs a thriving business and is an influencer, I am faced with both obstacles and rewards. One of the major challenges I encounter on a daily basis is managing my children’s schedules, classes, homework and providing them with the necessary support. In addition, keeping the household running smoothly and preparing meals that cater to everyone’s needs and work nature can be highly demanding.

Another hurdle I frequently encounter is finding time for myself and prioritizing self-care. It is easy to become consumed in the daily grind of balancing work, home, and childcare responsibilities. Thus, I make a concerted effort to carve out time for myself to unwind and rejuvenate.

Lastly, work commitments often pose challenges in socializing as a family with my kids to ensure they take advantage of healthy social interactions. Exposing them to different perspectives and experiences is critical for their growth and development, and I try to make it an unmissed opportunity as much as possible.

Despite the obstacles, being a mom entrepreneur brings an enormous sense of fulfillment. I am grateful for the opportunity to show my kids the practical world, the effort required to pursue their passions and stand up for themselves, and the diverse viewpoints of various working individuals. These experiences will surely equip them with the resilience and efficiency needed to navigate their journey in the practical working world.

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