Vesavar – The Origin of Art gallery in Pune is not only strikingly dynamic, but it is also the perfect place for artists to showcase their talent. Founders Kavita Bhandari and Pranali Harpude tell us more…

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Vesavar – The Origin of Art has officially opened its doors in the heart of Pune. Founded by Kavita Bhandari and renowned artist Pranali Harpude, it is a welcoming haven for both emerging and established artists to showcase their art. TheGlitz caught up with the Founders – Kavita and Pranali to know more about this charming art gallery and why these two trailblazers decided to start it.

Pranali Harpude and Kavita Bhandari

Tell us about Vesavar – The Origin of Art gallery. What made you start it? How did the thought originate?

Pranali: Vesavar – The Origin of Art is a vibrant and dynamic art gallery located in the heart of Pune. As an artist myself, I always had a vision of creating a supportive environment for artists to showcase their talent. The idea of Vesavar originated from my belief that every artist deserves a platform to exhibit their art. I wanted to provide a space where emerging and established artists could come together, share their creativity, and connect with art enthusiasts. It’s a place where art finds its true expression, and artists find a nurturing community that supports their artistic journey.

Define your tagline – Origin of Art?

Pranali: The tagline “Origin of Art” encapsulates the essence of Vesavar Art Gallery. It represents our belief in the fundamental nature of art and its ability to connect with the core of human expression. “Origin of Art” signifies the gallery’s role as a source of inspiration, creativity, and exploration. We see art as the origin point from which ideas, emotions, and cultural narratives emerge. It reflects our commitment to providing a platform where artists can showcase their originality and where viewers can delve into the depths of artistic expression. “Origin of Art” also symbolizes our mission to uncover and celebrate the roots of creativity, paying homage to the rich artistic heritage of India while fostering the growth and evolution of contemporary art forms.

Vesavar Art gallery

What were the criteria that you insisted on when you got architect Sandeep Shah on board?

Kavita: When we approached architect Sandeep Shah, we were clear about our vision of creating a one-of-a-kind art space that respects the heritage of the building while embracing contemporary design elements. We insisted on the seamless integration of old and new elements, ensuring that the architecture would provide a cohesive and harmonious environment for displaying artwork. We wanted clean walls and simple straight lines to serve as an ideal backdrop, allowing the artwork to take center stage. Additionally, we emphasized the importance of preserving the building’s wooden trussed roof, which adds elegance and establishes a dialogue between the space and the art it holds.

(L-R) Shailesh Bhandari, Kavita Bhandari, Eminent Artist Prabhakar Kolte, Pranali Harpude & Somnath Harpude

What were the challenges you faced?
Pranali: Like any endeavor, starting Vesavar Art Gallery came with its own set of challenges. One of the major challenges was securing the ideal location that could embody the spirit of art and heritage. We had to navigate through various logistical and administrative processes to acquire the heritage building. Additionally, curating the inaugural exhibition and establishing connections with artists from across the country required meticulous planning and coordination. However, these challenges were overcome with our unwavering determination and the support of the artistic community.

What are the three milestones you achieved after you started your art gallery?
Kavita: Since its inception, Vesavar Art Gallery has achieved several significant milestones. Firstly, our successful opening marked a momentous occasion as we unveiled our vision to the world. It was a culmination of our unwavering determination and dedication to providing a platform for artists to showcase their talent. The gallery’s inaugural exhibition, titled “Stambh – The Pillar of Vesavar,” showcased the works of renowned Indian artists and set the tone for the diverse and captivating art that would be displayed at Vesavar.

The highlight of our inaugural show was the exhibition of works by renowned artists such as Pandit Khairnar, Devdatta Padekar, Digbijayaee Khatua, Sandip More, Sangam Vankhade, Debabrata De, Sachindra Nath Jha, Manish Sharma, Subrata Paul, Pavan Kavitkar, and Sidhharth Shingade.

Our second exhibition which commenced on June 11, ‘EL- डोराडो,’ featuring the exceptional artist and photographer Abhinav Kafare, is another milestone that highlights our commitment to providing a diverse and immersive artistic experience.

What kind of art do you want to showcase at the gallery?
Kavita: At Vesavar Art Gallery, we aim to showcase a wide range of art forms and styles. We believe in the power of contemporary art to provoke thought, evoke emotions, and challenge perceptions. Our focus is on promoting both emerging and established artists from all corners of the country. We seek to exhibit artworks that reflect creativity, innovation, and a deep understanding of the human form and its interaction with the world. Our goal is to create a space that celebrates artistic diversity and invites viewers to explore and appreciate various artistic expressions.

Tell us about the ‘EL- डोराडो’ your ongoing exhibition at Vesavar?
Pranali: ‘EL- डोराडो’ featuring the exceptional artist and photographer Abhinav Kafare. This multimedia exhibition takes inspiration from ancient rituals and contemporary celebrations. It delves into mystical journeys and invites viewers to question their perceptions of reality. Through photographs, installations, and a thought-provoking short film, Abhinav’s captivating creations explore the transformative power of color and the profound meaning found within rituals. ‘EL- डोराडो’ promises to be a truly immersive and multi-sensory experience, transporting visitors along a yellow-brick-road, encouraging them to search for meaning and appreciate the transformative potential of art.

Where do you envisage Vesavar in the next two years?
Kavita: In the next two years, we envision Vesavar Art Gallery as a thriving cultural hub, not only in Pune but also beyond. We aim to expand our reach and establish ourselves as a prominent destination for art lovers, collectors, and artists from all over India. We will continue to curate thought-provoking exhibitions that push boundaries, spark conversations, and inspire new perspectives. Additionally, we plan to organize workshops, art talks, and collaborations with artists and art organizations to foster a vibrant and engaging artistic community. Our goal is to create a dynamic space that enriches the artistic landscape and contributes to the growth of the art scene in India.

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