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This Valentine’s Day, turn your regular dinner dates and outings around with Vaum Tonics, the perfect partner to your love elixirs adding a sweet authentic taste and elevating your drinks. Carefully crafted, and easily made, Vaum Tonics is your go-to artisanal mixer & tonic when crafting that tasty love potion for your loved one. TheGlitz presents love with every sip.

Make this Valentine’s Day even more special, by crafting a drink yourself right in the comfort of your home or the great picturesque outdoors. Here are some of the recipes to try with the premium Vaum tonics and mixers that will elevate your drinking experience to a whole new level…

Non alcoholic healthy summer cocktail with grapefruit, orange. lemon, lime and strawberry top view. Vitaminized detox healthy drink. Copy space.

Summer of Love:

Ingredients: 30ml Vodka paired with the Vaum™ Mango Fig Botanical sparkler. Cut Strawberries & Orange Slices for Garnish, 10ml Grenadine and 15ml Mango Juice.

Preparation – Pour in a tall glass, over clear ice – pour 30ml of your favourite vodka, add the mango juice & grenadine to the same, and top off with Vaum Mango Fig botanical sparkler. Garnish with cut strawberries & thinly sliced mandarin oranges.

Refreshing Boozy Tequila Grapefruit Paloma with a Salted Rim

Grapefruit Romance:

Ingredients – 30 ml Tequila with some freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, rim the glass with salt and add the Vaum Grapefruit Rosemary botanical sparkler.

Preparation: Take a tall glass, rim it with salt, pour 30ml of your favourite tequila over clear ice, add a bit of grapefruit juice to the same, and top off with Vaum Grapefruit Rosemary botanical sparkler, garnish with a slice of grapefruit.


Summer drink in crystal glass with lime, cucumber and mint on yellow and blue background with leaves and hard shades. Cold mocktail non-alcoholic soda water and mint tonic. Summer color concept.

Ingredients – 30 ml Gin (preferably Hendricks), add Crushed Ice, add the Vaum Cucumber Mint botanical sparkler, and garnish with mint leaves and cucumber ribbon.

Preparation – Pour 30ml of Gin into a tall glass over crushed ice, then top off with Vaum Cucumber Mint botanical sparkler, garnish with fresh mint sprig and a thinly sliced cucumber ribbon.

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