Over 35 varieties of Craft Beer at BrewDog’s #Collabfest22 

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Date Ongoing until 23rd October 2022

Venue1. Brewdog Bandra – Ground and 1st Floor, Pinnacle House 604, 15th Road, Hinduja Junction, PD Hinduja Rd, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

2. Brewdog Midtown Mumbai – Kamala Mills Compound, Bombay Hub Building, Z-Wing, Unit 1-2, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013

Entry Walk in all day 12:00 pm to 1:30 am

Description  BrewDog presents a beer fest you don’t want to miss! The legendary Scottish beer powerhouse will be serving crafted beers from 10 breweries along with various activities such as live music, pub quiz, doggo parties, and much more! The #CollabFest22 between the breweries such as Dollaly, Bombay Duck, Blue Whale and many more will pour various and unique flavored beers on the tap across all the outlets of BrewDog in Mumbai.

Participating breweries and their brews:


  • Beer name: Faaaackit 
  • Beer Style: Lager
  • Flavor Notes: The happy beer is a product of love by Great State Aleworks and Vir Das. FAAAAKIT is for everyone and which is why it’s crisp, clean, clear with fruity and honey-like undertones.


  • Beer name: Smoked porter
  • Beer Style: porter
  • Flavor note: Brewed specifically to offer judgment-free emotional support. Who can resist this thick delicious concoction of peat smoke, malts and rye? Wood aged and smoked beers, good to the last hop.

Brew Whale

  • Beer name: Moby Wit
  • Beer style: Belgian Wit
  • Flavor note: A cloudy, straw beer brewed using unmalted wheat, oats and malted barley; and spiced with medium intensity notes of coriander and orange. 

2 Down

  • Beer name: Pretty Please
  • Beer style: Hibiscus Cream Ale
  • Flavor Notes: Pretty Please is a Cream Ale brewed using malted barley and Indrayani rice. Dried hibiscus petals give it a gorgeous pink hue and a slightly tart flavour. Cascade hops give it a fruity, floral aroma. It’s thin-bodied, crisp, and high on carbonation. Super-refreshing, highly sessionable.

Bombay Duck

  • Beer name: Smooth
  • Beer Style: American Wheat
  • Flavor note: Low on ABV and Big on flavor. Our new American wheat beer uses equal parts malted wheat and barley in the grain bill. We fermented it low and slow with a neutral ale yeast over a period of 2 weeks and used new-age American hops that impart subtle aromas of tropical fruit.

Lost River

  • Beer name: Danube Drift
  • Beer style: Vienna Lager
  • Flavor note: An easy-drinking copper coloured lager that originated in Austria. With clean and delicious toasty notes of Vienna malt and a refreshing crisp finish to balance it out


  • Beer name: Festbier
  • Beer style: Lager
  • Flavor note: A traditional German lager beer right out of a Munich beer hall. Select German malts are giving it its amber color and malty flavor, while its grassy nose is derived from noble hops and classic weeks-long lagering techniques. Malt is balanced by moderate bitterness.


  • Beer name: Sunny Bavaria
  • Beer style: Hefeweizen
  • Flavor note: Deep golden in colour, full of wheat malt with banana and clove aroma and hints of citrus zest.


  • Beer name: Kokum Sour
  • Beer style: Gose
  • Flavor note: A tart crisp and refreshing göse made using only the freshest kokam from the western part of Maharashtra.Mildly funky with pleasant kokam notes. Fruity funky and pleasant.Reddish amber to golden, with excellent clarity and a large white rocky head. Tart and salty with almost no bitterness. Dry and crisp with very low bready malt notes.


  • Beer name: Marzen
  • Beer style: Marzen- Lager
  • Flavor note: The Crafters Marzen is a traditional Oktoberfest lager. This beer is rich in malt with a balance of clean, hop bitterness. With a medium body, it has a rich toasty feel and a dry finish.
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