Suniel Shetty introduces India’s first exclusive men’s jewellery brand – MetaMan; K L Rahul models for it!

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Suniel Shetty officially launched India’s first exclusive men’s jewellery brand, MetaMan on International Men’s Day; along with its debut collection, which represents a true blend of natural ruggedness and new-age sophistication.

Historically, Kings and their royalties in the Indian subcontinent adorning jewellery irrespective of gender to symbolise their position in society. The brand MetaMan symbolises ‘Metal for Man’ as the next must-have accessory that gives the taste of elegance and simplicity to Indian men. MetaMan has reinstated this tradition into the modern age in order to honour Indian men through the expression of jewellery.

Suniel Shetty, the founding mentor, through his reputation as a real Indian macho man, empowers the company to provide the finest accessories for the evolved Indian men.

MetaMan has also raised USD1mn in seed funding which saw participation from 9 unicorn founders and several other successful business entrepreneurs including Nikhil Kamath (Zerodha), Prashanth Prakash (Accel Partners), Gaurav Singh Kushwaha (BlueStone), as well as cricketer KL Rahul and Robin Uthappa.

Speaking on the launch of MetaMan, the Founding Mentor Suniel Shetty says, “Through the launch of MetaMan brand, we are celebrating the return of our own men’s jewellery culture. Indian traditions were once a symbol of holding the best artistry; where Indian men taught the entire world how to adorn any jewellery and became a trendsetter. Now, it’s time for India to own men’s jewellery brand that celebrates culture with style and sophistication. So, the MetaMan.”

The collection has been imagined by designer Pallavi Foley, known for her passionate designs that are captivating and refreshing in this modern age. The brand presents a range of high-quality bracelets, pendants, and chains made with brass, gold, or silver. The portfolio offers jewellery suiting every occasion from daily office wear to traditional wear, casual wear, beach wear, sportswear, and travel wear.

Anil Shetty, the founder of MetaMan adds, “At MetaMan, we aim to accessorise evolved men through our contemporary designs. We believe men’s jewellery culture is not an alien thought but a forgotten one in India. We are now seeing Gen Z and Millennials bringing back this trend with style. This International Men’s Day, we are launching MetaMan with 20 unique designs but will have 150 designs in the next three months.

MetaMan products are now live on their website for purchase with a starting price range of INR 1999.

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