TheGlitz Super Pick: Barbie-inspired Signature Styles by Dyson Global Styling Ambassador Larry King

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Embrace the Barbie-themed hair aesthetic with Dyson’s Hair Care range and expert tips from Global Styling Ambassador Larry King. TheGlitz embarks on an exciting journey of hair transformation by recreating iconic Barbie looks with Dyson‘s innovative tools.

Barbie on the dancefloor:

Achieve stunning, party-ready locks using Dyson’s Corrale Straightener and Airwrap Multi-styler. The innovative flexing plates and micro-hinged plate technology of the Corrale Straightener ensure precise styling and even heat distribution, while the Airwrap Multi-styler effortlessly creates voluminous curls or sleek waves. Get ready to shine on the dancefloor with flawlessly styled hair that steals the spotlight.

Larry King says:

‘For me, to achieve this look I would use afixing volumising spray or a mousse… something to give you plenty of hold and grip.

I would work through the hair with a Dyson Airwrap using the 20mm to 30mm barrels, so you are getting very tight and nice curls.

Once I have worked it all the way through the hair, I would brush it out and repeat the process by gliding through with a Dyson Corrale, adding some additional curls to the hair so you are getting the flicks and bend to the fringe.

This is the best way to achieve this look and get massive volume, lots of separation, texture, and curls.’

Barbie in the car:

Create glamorous curls and voluminous waves with the Dyson Airwrap Multi-styler. It’s re-engineered barrels and powerful airflow allows you to effortlessly style your hair while on the go, just like Barbie in the car.

Larry King says:

‘The best way to achieve this is by adding a nice fixing spray or volumising mousse, something that will give you a nice hold.
I would start with my Airwrap using the Coanda smoothing dryer attachment to get lots of volume into the hair…as much as possible.

Switch the attachment to the 40mm barrels to create maximum bounce and maximum volume. Once you have added your curls, I would make sure that the front curls are worked away from the face, opening the face-up, on the left-hand side and the right-hand side, using even sections. This is key.

Once you have put all the curls in, you want to brush them out to create bouncy and natural waves. You can put them into a ponytail, half up half down, and leave the fringe out just to be brushed out.’

Barbie Western look:

Inspired by the untamed spirit of the Wild West, this look embodies effortless chic. The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is your ultimate companion for achieving perfect tousled hair. Its intelligent heat control and fast drying capabilities make it ideal for a day of adventure.

Larry King says:

‘The best way to achieve this look is to take your Dyson Supersonic and a large round brush.

Begin by rough drying your hair with the Dyson Supersonic first. Using the styling concentrator attachment on the Supersonic, work it through the hair, drying straight but maintaining a voluminous and airy texture. This gives it that kind of effortless chic/ cool girl-lived-in look.

It also looks awesome with a hat, and it is also the perfect hair if you are at a festival.’

Barbie President:

Step into the shoes of Barbie as President with the Dyson Airwrap Multi-styler. Create polished, professional hairstyles that exude confidence and power, just like Barbie when she’s making important decisions.

Larry King says:

Larry King

For the Barbie president look, super simple, take your Dyson AirwrapMulti-styler with the Coanda smoothing dryer attachment and use it to rough dry your hair up until it is around 80% dry.

Switch the attachment to the 30mm barrels and let the Coanda effect do the work to achieve these nice solid-defined curls to the hair. Pull each section out and just leave them to sit there naturally.

As an optional final touch, you can add a little hairspray to give you that longer-lasting look.’

Larry King

Having worked under the watchful eye of world-renowned agency Streeters for several years, Larry has built a portfolio that is evidence of his innate ability to work across the board from fashion and music to celebrities.

He regularly contributes to magazines such as Vogue, GQ, Another Man, Arena Homme, Vanity Fair and Tatler. He shoots with world-renowned photographers such as Alasdair Mclellan, Mariano Vivanco, Boo George, Vogue’s Fashion Director Venetia Scott and works with the A List’s Jared Leto, Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, The Delevigne Sisters, Chris Hemsworth and Zayn Malik just to name a few.

Larry opened his flagship salon in South Kensington in January 2017 which has already been named London’s Hottest New Salon by Tatler, Number One Salon 2018 by Harper’s Bazaar and Best London Salon in London for a blow-dry by the Telegraph. Based on the ethos of “a social life for your hair”, the salon is established on un-intimidating luxury and offers clients a relaxed atmosphere and appointments with its hand-picked stella team that includes award-winning colourists and stylists.

‘Team Larry King’ believe working with and understanding your natural texture is the best way to achieve a luxurious finish. With salon clients that include the likes of Niall Horan, David Gandy, Dominic Cooper, Frank Lampard, Jamie Redknapp and Pixie Lott, as well as a ton of major influencers including blogger Estée Lalonde and In The Frow.

In November 2018, Larry launched the first of his product line, A Social Life For Your Hair, a product that epitomises the salon’s ethos – contemporary luxury for everyone. The satin finishing cream smooths and adds texture. The range also includes a lightweight, fresh fragranced Volumizing Hair Mist and a Velvet Texture Clay, perfect for adding guts and texture.

Larry has an impressive 39K followers and a regular salon social reach of over 30 million. Currently, Larry has ambassadorships and collaborations with some of the world’s most luxurious brands including Dyson and Jaguar Land Rover.

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